recycling flow

TV recycling loopClose to finish another project with a bit of almost actual animation in it.


O marco

Aaaaand… here it is. I’m exhausted.

Animation is still a bit stiffy and I most certainly need a second pair of hands but, all in all, I like it.

As an aside note. The group, on purpose or by accident, somehow explained one of the reasons why people are so inclined to condone politicians’ corruption and theft. It’s inherent to their tradition. It’s in their cultural baggage.


job cycles

It’s been a while since the last time I animated anything. Last relatively big animation project wasn’t even released and I won’t complain. I hated it. Let’s see if this one goes better.

omarco 3 birds - half-fran.-

migrant’s baggage



second fiddle

I’m somehow stubborn and that stubbornness usually ends up making me repeat tasks and games until I’m sort of satisfied with the result and so this year I went back to Vigo and tried again to win this photographic marathon contest. In the end it came closer than I expected as they decided to promote me from accessory desert to  second dish.
Long time ago, arguing at a psychology class about the doubts and regrets I was sure everybody should be having concerning the medical career, I said I was my hands and my imagination and none of those seemed to have anything to do with what I had learned and saw at the faculty. This time I tried to mix them both.

—– The series —–

Hueco (gap,empty,hollow)

Resplandor (shining)

Construyendo (building)

Clandestino (clandestine,secret,illegal,underground)maratonVigo2016_clandestino

—- The discarded leftovers —-

maratonVigo2016_clandestino_b maratonVigo2016_construyendo_b maratonVigo2016_resplandor_b maratonVigo2016_clandestino_c





portable prison

portable prison-fran.-

Some sort of selfness

some sort of selfnessThere’s a rotating layered statue of Kafka in Prague. It’s layers independently turn, spin and, at certain moments all of them align to form the Writer’s head. Check it out. It’s quite hypnotic.


The EU. 1- Conception. The European dating club

First Episode of the series about the European Union. Spoiler: UK is a naughty mingling teenager.


coastline’s silhouettes

coastline's silhouettes